Ed Simon

Ed is a retired programmer and instructor from the IBM Corporation. He has been keeping bees for over twenty years and is 110% sure he will never master or even come close to mastering the craft. He lived on twenty acres in Oronoco, Minnesota for 28 years before moving to a condominium in Rochester, MN.


In 2011 Ed’s book Bee Equipment Essentials was published by Larry Connor at WICWAS Press. Portions of this book were then serialized by Bee Culture. Since this first Bee Culture publication in 2011, he has published over sixty additional articles.


All of Ed’s articles provided on this web site are available for your and any bee club’s private use.

 If an article is used, please acknowledge Ed as the author.


He welcomes all suggestions for articles and can be contacted at:



James White

James is a retired computer architect and has been beekeeping for over 15 years with his wife Brenda in the greater Rochester area.  Along with keeping bees, James has many other hobbies including gardening, hunting, fishing, and making beer and mead.  James has been involved in the SEMBA club from his start in keeping bees, and often presents the NewBee sessions.  He also hosts the club extraction equipment that can be borrowed at any time by contacting him.



Duane Madsen

Beverly Madsen