About Us

About Us

Southeast Minnesota Beekeepers Association (SEMBA) is a group of enthusiasts that meet monthly to promote successful beekeeping in the Southeastern Minnesota area.

SEMBA is for anyone interested in honeybees, from the new beekeeper to beekeepers with 30+ years of experience. We are committed to providing educational programs, supporting beekeepers, and honeybee research.

Our Mission: To provide members with beekeeping information and good ‘sticky’ fun for the whole family!

Our Purpose:

  1. The promotion of scientific and practical beekeeping.

  2. The promotion of legislation in the interest of beekeeping and beekeepers.

  3. The cultivation of a social and fraternal spirit among beekeepers.

  4. The dissemination of information pertaining to bees, honey, beeswax, and pollination.

  5. The participation where possible in state programs designed for the betterment of the beekeeping industry.

SEMBA History

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2023 SEMBA Board

Duane & Bev Madsen – Queen Bee (President)

Jen Grovdahl – Superseding Queen (Vice President)

Brenda White – The Honey Pot (Treasurer)

Dennis Schroeder – Guard Bee (Director)

Debbie Dukart – Guard Bee (Director)

Jeff Derby – Guard Bee (Director)