Discover the secrets of queen bee grafting at the September 14th SEMBA meeting.  Jerry Fabian will demonstrate his technique and discuss equipment needed.  In addition, you’ll be able to watch him at work in his apiary and bee house through a PowerPoint presentation.  ….This should give you enough time to get everything you need and also experiment with grafting before spring.  As with everything in beekeeping -  bee prepared.

Plus, get your handout of “What to do in September” - the suggestions from U of M, Bee Squad. 

NewBees session starts at 6:30.  Queen Grafting will start around 7:00.

This meeting will be in-person only.

If unable to attend in person, paid members who have signed up for 'Members Corner' on , can join via Google Meet.  The link is on the Members Corner page.  

Monthly Meetings for 2023


February 9 - Chris Schad will Kick-off the season 

March 9 -  Farm Service Agency (FSA) Program Availability for Beekeepers

April 13 - Katie Lee from U of M Bee Lab   

May 11 -   Round Table Discussion.  Topics to include mites & swarms, plus more

 June 8 -  Peggy Desantos with a follow-up from her study on overwintering bees plus members with their experiences... a time to learn from others

July 13   Show & Tell plus refreshments 

August 10 - Joe Pletta will share his years of tips, knowledge and isms

September 14 - Jerry Fabian on Queen Rearing & Grafting

October 12 - Products of the Hive with 3 break-out sessions by club members

November 9 - Pizza Party with a possible 30 minute speaker.  (for members and their families only)