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Places to purchase bees locally

The time to order bees is coming to an end.  If you still need bees, now in mid-March, do so ASAP.

Call (from the list below) to see if they are still available.

Bee Shed 


 2 LB Packages      $135.00

Four-frame nuc (deep frames) with mated queen. The queens are open-mated Minnesota Hygienic stock, so their colonies will be a blend of Italian and Carniolan heritage

Nucs $165.00.

James White

Contact through Facebook

Jason Casey

"My seller of 5-frame Nucs has given me an offer that I would like to pass on to other people to see if we could get a lower price on these nucs.  I am purchasing 50 nucs at $180 each.  He has offered to bring the price down lower if I can get people to add up to 100 of the nucs.  If anyone is interested, reply to me and we will talk to him and see what the final price will be."  

send email to:

The Beehuggers    Nucs available

The link below will provide information and purchasing instructions for our Nucs that we will have available in Spring.  

Pickup is at a convenient, rural location 2 miles off the i90 Lewiston Exit.  

Another popular thing we offer are Hive Kits.  We have New, 10 Frame Kits for $225 

B and B honey



5 Frame Nucs     185.00

Toll Free - 1-800-342-4811

Questions - 1-507-896-3955

E-Mail -

Address - B&B Honey Farms , 5917 Hop Hollow Rd,  Houston MN 55943

Looking to Purchase Bees Locally


I'm looking *specifically* for certified pure Russian queens and hopefully a package or a nuc.

NOT the Mann Lake "pure Russians" that are open inseminated, meaning although the queen is pure, the offspring (likely are not.

That's a request I have. 

Thank you,

Clinton Meyer

Walters, MN

Equipment for sale

Ronald Stephenson

 My name is Ron Stevenson.  I have been a member of SEMBA for about 20 years.  I could use your help.  I am downsizing my beekeeping and am selling equipment I don't need.  I have attached a list of items I am selling.

 Next week I leave for Arizona and won't be back until the very end of March. 

Ronald Stevenson <>

Spreadsheet below

Stevenson Equipment for Sale (002).pdf

Jason Casey

Hey there,

A few years ago I purchased this machine that cuts the joints for building bee boxes..

 I'm curious if anybody in the club is making their own boxes and would like me to cut the joints for those boxes this winter? All they would have to do is ship the boards to me and I would cut them and ship them back.. I live in New Richland Minnesota..

Let me know if anybody's interested

Jason Casey

Sun Honey LLC


A biotech firm says the U.S. has approved its vaccine for honeybees

This site has a lot of information on bees and plans to build things

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